FIGS Events Limited has signed a Partnering Agreement with the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) to manage the delivery of three Learned Society events – Engine As A Weapon International Symposium (EAAW); Marine Electrical and Control Systems Safety Conference (MECSS); and the International Naval Engineering Conference and Exhibition (INEC).

“We are delighted to have signed this rolling agreement and to be getting to work on these three key events,” says Fiona Morris, Managing Director of FIGS Events, the event management company which focuses on the organisation of technical events for professional institutions, research and development organisations and societies. “The Institute was established by a few like-minded engineers discussing new innovations over 125 years ago, and today’s IMarEST Technical Advisory Committees continue this tradition, which lies at the very heart of a professional institution.

“Our agreement with IMarEST delivers continuity in the planning process for each series of events. It also provides sustained support to the members of the Technical Advisory Committees who work tirelessly as volunteers. Our organisational expertise enables the Committees to develop technical programmes which are innovative and provide a high profile platform for their sector of the industry, and for the Institute.

“We relish working with the Chairs and Committee members – their enthusiasm bears out the important maxim that business should be profitable, but above all it should be fun!”

IMarEST’s Technical Director, Dr Bev Mackenzie is similarly pleased by the new relationship: “The Chairs of the Technical Advisory Committees and their members are well used to working with the FIGS Events team, and this Partnering Agreement cements this relationship and means that the IMarEST can continue to provide our membership and the wider marine community with an impactful, technically excellent event programme which is a win:win situation for us all. We look forward to some highly successful events.”

All three events are held biennially. The next EAAW – Engine As A Weapon VI, chaired by Lt Cdr Ian Hassall RN is being held at the University of Bath, UK on 23-24 June 2015, and naturally planning is well-advanced. Next in the calendar of events is MECSS 2015 chaired by Kevin Daffey from Rolls-Royce plc, being held in Bristol, UK on 24-25 November 2015; and then the 13th edition of INEC, under the chairmanship of Cdr Matt Bolton RN will be held in Bristol in Spring 2016.

Each of the three events will shortly have its own website with a link from the IMarEST website. Each event website will provide a discussion ‘hub’ both leading up to an event and in the intervening period between editions; as well as full information for delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.