The introduction of technologies that provide ‘off ship’ support for cyber enabled vessels is moving forward at a rapid rate and is a technology embedded by a number of manufacturers. As Bernard Twomey BEng, CEng, FIET, MIMechE, FIMarEST, of Bernard Twomey Consulting Ltd, will explain in delivering ‘The ‘cyber enabled ship’ – what are the risks and what are the mitigations?’, the 4th FIGS Events Technical Lecture, it is also a topic that raises a large number of questions.

He will address many of these questions and look at the risks associated with the adoption of this technology and the potential solutions to mitigate the risk to a tolerable level as the guest lecturer on the evening of Thursday 30 March at Prince Philip House in Carlton House Terrace, London.

“Bernard has produced a fascinating list of questions that his lecture will cover, we are looking forward to even more from our invited audience on the night,” explains FIGS Events Managing Director, Fiona Morris. “No doubt the questions will continue to be raised and answered during the networking reception that will follow the lecture. A list of some of the most pressing helps give a flavour of the evening:

• Where are the boundaries of the system when ‘off ship’ support is provided and what level of assurance is required to ensure this does not introduce a key hazard when utilising this technology?
• In the event of a malicious attack, the risk may not be covered if clause CL 380 is included in the insurance policy. Where the event is non-malicious with the same outcome as a malicious attack, what stance will be taken by the insurance companies?
• Is the safety of the vessel maintained and does ‘off ship’ access have an impact on the continued classification of the vessel?
• What is the impact of ‘off ship’ support on the ship’s staff, and what role the human plays when the ‘off ship’ support technology is activated?
• Will the role of the engineering staff change and could they be considered as a contributing factor to a key hazard if the ‘off ship’ support fails?
• Can the staff rely on the results of day analytics, what evidence exists to demonstrate that the attributes of data that preserve safety are adequately considered?
• What’s happening at IMO and how are the Flag States reacting?

“Now’s the time for our guests to start planning their questions!” she adds, explaining: “FIGS Events Limited is an event management company which focuses on the organisation of technical events for professional institutions, research and development organisations and societies. Our passion is the determination to provide a strong platform for like-minded professionals to meet, discuss and promote innovation in their field. This passion has been the catalyst for the FIGS Events Lecture series (all previous lectures can be viewed at www.figsevents.co.uk).

“Each event in the series has at its heart innovation, technology, science and human interface with technology, and at them we encourage our guests to discuss and debate the topic in an informal atmosphere.

“That informality is vital, for we want the events to be highly enjoyable and believe that the best discussions can arise out of an informal, enjoyable gathering in conducive surroundings and with plenty of pre- and post-lecture networking time. We particularly want people from different disciplines to appreciate each other’s perspective. Indeed, it delights us when people tell us how much they appreciate being out of their own professional ‘comfort zone’; being on a permanent learning curve is something on which engineers and scientists thrive!”

Bernard Twomey background
Bernard Twomey formed Bernard Twomey Consulting Ltd in 2016 following various roles within the Electrotechnical discipline at Lloyd’s Register Marine where he had worked since 1993, latterly as Global Head of Electrotechnical Systems. He previously spent 12 years in the merchant navy and has a BEng in electro-mechanical power engineering from Loughborough University.

Attending the Lecture
The 4th FIGS Events Technical Lecture is open solely to an invited audience; anyone interested in attending and being added to FIGS’s lists for future events should contact enquiries@figsevents-iz07.temp-dns.com

About FIGS Events
FIGS Events possesses over 30 years’ experience in organising events, and has considerable knowledge and experience in the niche area of technical event management. Further information on the services it offers and on its Directors, can be found at the company’s new website www.figsevents.co.uk